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Hi, guys, I am new here.

I am installing my air-con, System 3 soon.

Is Pansonic Envio, NON-Inverter, good enough??

Any negative feedback about this air-con?

Also, which foam brand is better?

Armaflex or Accoflex? One air-con contractor quoted me with Armaflex while the other quoted me with Accoflex. Both quoted me 3/8" thick insulating foam.

I tried to google for both brands, but can't seemed to get any useful comparison between the two.

Can any experienced person be kind enough to advise me???

I had requested for a 1/2" thick foam compared to the normal 3/8" foam which both air-con guy quoted me. Still waiting for their quote on the 1/2" thick foam.

Thanks in advance for any advice(s).

Thank you.
if u hav a choice to choose, go for armaflex.
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