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Thanks for your advice, chunlianghere.

I was quoted Panasonic Envio 3 using G23 pipings with Armaflex 1/2" insulation @ S$2,200 comes with S$100 NTUC vouchers while stock last.

Is it worth?

I am looking at negotiating the price down to either S$2,100 with the S$100 NTUC vouchers OR S$2,000 WITHOUT the S$100 NTUC vouchers.

Any advice(s)?

Thanks in advance.
price looks quite gd wit $100 ntuc voucher + upgrade to 1/2" insulation..

To ALL who is going to install new aircon/copper pipe truckin installation:
Do look the copper piping(wit insulation) laid in the trucking b4 cover up. make sure the copper pipe is not popping out. wat i mean is tat the copper pipe is not straight in the truckin, some bends which is over the thickness of the truckin. so therefore when the truckin is cover up, the copper pipe/insulation is against the cover of the truckin. this wil causes the insulation to decrease its thickness, which eventually become flat. at tat time condensation/sweating wil come out at tat area. this wil also cause wastage of electricity.

for mine, i hav already repair it myself many areas which the insulation is flat(which i can c sweating at tat area).

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