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Thanks for your advice, chnlianghere.

Update :
Giving the benefit of doubt to the air-con contractor that my ID recommended, the air-con contractor SMSed me just after lunch today that for the price of S$2,100 he quoted me for the Panasonic Sys 3, it will be G22 pipings with Armaflex 3/4" insulation foam. There will also be a S$100 NTUC vouchers.

All my other air-con quotes with the same price are using only G23 pipings with Armaflex 1/2" insulation foam.

Guess becuse it is through my ID's recommendation that I am getting a better deal with the same price.

Think I will stick to the air-con contractor recommended by my ID.

Thanks for your advice.
wow...tat is very gd!

but than havin 3/4" insulation wil make your truckin more thicker leh. so dont really recommend very thick one. although "the thicker the better", but no point use tat thick. 1/2" insulation is really enough.. using 3/4" is too kiasu.

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