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wow...tat is very gd!

but than havin 3/4" insulation wil make your truckin more thicker leh. so dont really recommend very thick one. although "the thicker the better", but no point use tat thick. 1/2" insulation is really enough.. using 3/4" is too kiasu.
Yes, Sir, you are right.

For the 3/4" insulation foam, he mentioned that the trucking will be 6 x 4", which is super super thick and bulky in my master bed-room.

But luckily, it is only by the side of the wall furthest away for my room door, plus with the bed in the middle of the room, the trucking may not be so obvious from outside.

Well, when he came to my empty place to look at the rooms and give me a quote, he brought along a small sample of the foam, a short stretch of the copper pipings and also a small section of the 6 X 4" truckings and provided me with the quote mentioned above.

I did ask him whether the whole installation will be cheaper if I choose 1/2" Armaflex foam instead, however, he has not reply me yet.
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