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Thanks for your help, ChunLiang.

Initially, GC quoted ME sys4, with 5yrs warranty + upgrade + 1yr servicing $4.7.
Last 2wks I passby GC CCK to look look see see wash machine, lcd..., Same sale man told me GC has promotion on 22nd-23 Aug, free 5yrs warranty. He quoted me MHI, sys4, with 5warranty + upgrade, $3999 with interest free installment. Compare to ME & MHI, around $500 difference, so I purchased MHI. Installation, mid Sept.

Current national sys3 Aircon (i think it's non inverter, from previous owner), I switched to fan mode around 8+, then my wife will off it around 10.
ok.. remember to take pic of your new aircon installation! old aircon also..
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