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Thanks for your advice, chnlianghere.

Update :
Giving the benefit of doubt to the air-con contractor that my ID recommended, the air-con contractor SMSed me just after lunch today that for the price of S$2,100 he quoted me for the Panasonic Sys 3, it will be G22 pipings with Armaflex 3/4" insulation foam. There will also be a S$100 NTUC vouchers.

All my other air-con quotes with the same price are using only G23 pipings with Armaflex 1/2" insulation foam.

Guess becuse it is through my ID's recommendation that I am getting a better deal with the same price.

Think I will stick to the air-con contractor recommended by my ID.

Thanks for your advice.
hm... judging from the price, it must be a non-inverter rite?

although i do agree that G22 piping + 3/4" insulation seems somewhat overkill... then again it is better materials he is using... so why not? As long as if you can stand the huge trunkings.

Also, if the installer anyhow bend the copper pipes without proper tools (as pointed out by terumo), and the pipes end up not cylindrical you'll get build-up and lost in pressure along the bent areas which would lead to very cold spots and sweating even if you do have 3/4" insulation.

For me, i would take a day off and be present during the installation just to make sure they dun cut corners to save time.
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