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hm... judging from the price, it must be a non-inverter rite?

although i do agree that G22 piping + 3/4" insulation seems somewhat overkill... then again it is better materials he is using... so why not? As long as if you can stand the huge trunkings.

Also, if the installer anyhow bend the copper pipes without proper tools (as pointed out by terumo), and the pipes end up not cylindrical you'll get build-up and lost in pressure along the bent areas which would lead to very cold spots and sweating even if you do have 3/4" insulation.

For me, i would take a day off and be present during the installation just to make sure they dun cut corners to save time.
Yes, it is a non-inverter. All the air-con guys who came to view and quote me said that the compressor for Inverters are too big to be shifted out of the window to the air-con ledge outside.

Except maybe the D@ikin inverters. But then D@ikin inverters system are way way over my budget, so I decided on a Panas0nic Envi0 System 3.

Ok, thanks for all your advices, I will definitely apply for a day's leave to see that they do not cut corners. But then again, how can we know that they do not "anyhow bend the copper pipings" till the copper pipings are NOT cyclindrical anymore? I mean I can see the pipings after they bend it, if the pipings are still cylindrical or not. But then what are the "proper tools" that they should be using?

Also, if on the day itself, if I see that they anyhow bend the pipings and the pipings no longer is cylindrical in shape at the bends, can I point out to them and request them to use a new pipes to re-bend??

I mean I scared, later those air-con guys will give me that "don't teach a father how to corpulate" type of face and attitude...

Sorry if I am asking a lot of things at one go.

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