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9k btu liquid pipe can use hand to bend. For Gas pipe, recommended to use bender.
And for G22 piping, it's thick. Bending if use hand and not skillful enough, the pipe will suddenly bend inwards and instead of a nice curve, it will be a dent. This is also one of the possible cause of condensation as gas flow is reduced @ that portion and it will be very cold @ that area.
My advice, get a good installer (which comes @ a higher price). Leave it to them to do the job. Cos if you watch them install and "teach" or "request" them what to do. This might make them very uncomfortable to work. There are many ways for them to sabo u.

The installers are just workers or contractors of the company. Treat them a bit nice, like buying lunch for them. Tell them that this aircon system might last you for 5-10 years and hope they can do their best to lay the pipings nicely so that it can last you through the years w/o much problems.

No person in the service line wants a demanding/"smart alec" customer. Treat them nice and the serviceman might be willing to go the extra mile for you.

Juz my views...

listen to Terumo, he really knows his stuff!

Oei Terumo, you air-con installer is it?

just to add... for refridgerant, the liquid pipes are smaller in diameter (nt: the wall thickness is the same for both liquid & gas) so it is ok to bend with hands with little risk of deforming the cylindrical profile. But for gas pipes, which are larger in diameter, it's best to use bender.

Hm... just one question though... since the gas pipe is for the return line for the refridgerant... i.e. pressure oredi released, if so, it is still impt to maintain the cylindrical profile?

btw, what's the return gas pressure?

i agree with the treating the installer well part too.... I bought them lunch/dinner and 100Plus (6x 1.25Litres bottles).

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