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Since there is a possibility of terumo being an air-con contractor or in the air-con business, I am not sure whether there is any "conflict of interest" or "spoil the market" or "breach of any regulations" with revealing what my ID's air-con contractor has quoted me.

I received his quotation via e-mail. He qouted me a price with all these :
(1) Panas0nic Multi Split unit model : CU-3C20JKZ X 1,
(2) Panas0nic Model : CS-C9JKZW fan coils X 3,
quotation includes supply and installation charges, includes trunking, copper pipes, Thermosflex insulation CIs (3/4" with 3 years warranty)
(3) This quotation not includes power supply.

Can I ask what is meant by this "does not include power supply"?? What does he mean by the "power supply"??

Also, Thermosflex is better than Armaflex, right??

Sorry, almost forgot to mention that my air-con contractor SMS last night that I will get the NTUC vouchers.

Guess I will sign the quotation with him, since his offer is better than the other contractors, which I have asked to come take a look at my 4-room HDB.

If one is interested to know what price, do PM me. I don't wish to get into any form of trouble with revealing the price here.

And if you find it cheap and interested to install for your home, I can recommend the air-con contractor to you.

Sorry, terumo, don't mean to "undercut" you or "spoil your business" here, if you are really in the air-con business.
a while ago i tried to find out about the specs for Air-Con insulations just to see if my installers were giving me lousy materials. And I found it almost impossible to find any detailed specs on the net, but what i did found out was (if I recall correctly) that ARMAFLEX seems to be the most expensive.

then again most expensive doesn't necessarily mean better quality.

also, ARMAFLEX has a CLASS 0 insulation which I dun see on other insulations.

then again, i'm not even sure if CLASS 0 is better than CLASS 1 or vice-versa.

Terumo, thoughts?
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