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yup..r410a is more efficient. as previous post mention, drainage pipe hav to be insulated due to the extreme coldness after r410a came out. from wat i tink tat r410a is faster in changing from hot high pressure to cold low pressure, n when it arrived to evapourator(fcu), the temp is alot lower than r22. therefore it cools the room faster becos of lower temp ba. *edit: tats y i was wondering inverter total btu is always higher than non-inverter for many brand/model. i mean multi split.

so if u were to compare non-inverter of r22 n r410a, r410a is efficient to r22.

but maintenance wise, r22 is better as terumo said.

correct me if there's wrong.

"does not include power supply" means socket installation for aircon is not included. which i mean the female round pin used for high power consumption.
that is what i thought too!
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