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a while ago i tried to find out about the specs for Air-Con insulations just to see if my installers were giving me lousy materials. And I found it almost impossible to find any detailed specs on the net, but what i did found out was (if I recall correctly) that ARMAFLEX seems to be the most expensive.

then again most expensive doesn't necessarily mean better quality.

also, ARMAFLEX has a CLASS 0 insulation which I dun see on other insulations.

then again, i'm not even sure if CLASS 0 is better than CLASS 1 or vice-versa.

Terumo, thoughts?
to wat i tink, CLASS 0 n CLASS 1 is something to do wit fire rating stuff. i know tat CLASS 0 is better resistant to fire, but CLASS 1 lose out abit.

this is wat i get from some spec sheet,
Class O Armaflex now also comes with Microban anti-microbial protection
built-in, offering enhanced resistance against bacteria and mould growth.
This makes Class O Armaflex suitable for use in offices, schools and hospitals.
so it means tat CLASS 0 hav more things built in.

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