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I'm not sure about this. Last time I saw it from ST Saturday in Aug, Panasonic has one page ads about their Eco green Air-con and extend the $100 NTUC voucher (the voucher should get from vendor directly instead of from Panasonic) till end of Aug. Unless they extend the promotion again. You may check Saturday's ST to confirm if they have.
Hi, sunht,

Thanks for the advice.

But don't think I saw anything about this in yesterday's Saturday ST.

Maybe I have missed it.

I will go look through the papers one more time later.


BTW, : off topic: here a bit... Sorry.

Any one has any recommendations for buying lights, e.g. ceilings lights for my living room, my three bed-rooms, my kitchen, also the dimmer lights for my false ceilings??

The contractor broght my wife and I to the so-called "affiliated" lights shops at Balestier Road... Prices not very attractive, I was hoping to look for a third opinion from another light shop. I only know Tai Yong near Selegie Road...

Thanks in advance.
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