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Toshiba aircon

After reading thru the threads left by all of you... finally decided on my Aircon and made my move yesterday...

I bought my Aircon from GC...

It's a Toshiba unit..

Compressor is 24000 BTU model - RAS3M20SACV INVERTER. * 1
costing $2739/-

(including full installation(new pipe, new trunking and patching).

Gave me the choice of $250/- voucher (NTUC or robinson i think)
5 years (1+4) warranty by GC. ($359/-)

So i choose the 5yrs warranty to give a peace of mind... if anything spoil, they say will repair, free labour, transports.. blah blah...

I upgrade the piping from the basic to Armaflex (they say is 1/2 inch type). costing $180/-

did not take the servicing package from them as i find it too expensive (something like $70 each time).

Then they were having the promotion.. then my lucky dip gave me yet another $60/- off from the armaflex pipe... so i paid $120/- instead of the original $180/-.

they gave me a lifetime membership too... with 500 + 2800 (each dollar spent is 1 point), therefore is 3300 points (equal to $33/- voucher to offset any future purchase).

they also gave me 28 pieces of Lucky draw coupon... for the F1 race promo stuffs... so if kena lagi worthit... hahah.

(Also help me to dismantle the old Sys 4 at my house, dismantle fee $200/-,
Trade in to GC. $200/-) equal $0/-..

I think that all i could remember off...

So all in all i paid $2859/- in total including GST 7%.

Let me have your comments on my buy....
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