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Hi, jtec14,

Thanks very much for your advices.

I always find light shops along Blastier Road a bit on the expensive side. Even when my ID brought me to their "so-called" affiliated two light shops and one sanitary shop at Blastier, which "so-called" offer a 10% discount and the shops will absorb the GST, the price of the sanitary products like rain shower set, taps, stove + hood, kitchen sink, etc... are more expensive than another shop (which I purchased the items) near to Selegie, the two-storey shopping center.

Ok, maybe I will drop renotalk dot com and your recommendation of Dreamz Lights to see see look look.

Thanks for your advices once again.

No prob, just sharing. Along the balestier stretch, not all are expensive. I got my Cuizino Hob + Cuizino hood + Franke kitchen sink + Franke mixer tap package at Excel Asia (mainly sanitaryware), services also not bad, look for Desmond, quite a knowledgable and flexible guy as i changed one of the package item with topup although other staff are rather stiff about it.

Btw the correct name for the lightshop is Dreams Lights at 317 Balestier Rd.

Anyway got to bargain hard at all shops if you buying a lot of items. This is what I learnt while going through my reno.

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