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MHI sys 3 was in my mind too... when did you bought it?

S.M. at GC initially intro this MHI sys 3 to me.. around 2800 plus too...

then when i went to another GC, another S.M told me they received a quite a few complaints on sounds like pss pss sounds dunnno from the sys or the A/c pipe.... can you share if there is any such psss psss sounds?

and intro me to Hitachi... (malaysia made)....

however, Me ended up getting Toshiba... cause all the 3 brands (ME/ MHI and Toshiba), after calculating... M.E used up more $ in electricity than MHI and Toshiba...

Bought in 12th May. Installed on 25th May.

I have not heard any sounds from the pipe, but will moniter.

The original price was $2499. I paid $100 more to upgrade to a system 4 compressor with 3 blowers.

The electric bill dropped 40% as compared to the McQuay inverter.
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