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Product Name : 3RVX (v2.5)
Official Website :
Download Website :

- What is 3RVX?
  • 3RVX is a free and useful OSD volume notification/control tool which emulates the volume bezel of Mac OS X. When the volume changes, the bezel pops up with the current system volume level. New skins included in v2.5
  • Display the volume level in the system tray (like in Vista)
  • Notify you when drives are ejected
- Why 3RVX?
  • You have a multimedia peripherals and wish to have visual indicators of what's the current volume level. Just like the laptops' volume wheel OSD, but 3RVX is better.
- I don't have multimedia keyboard to adjust volume.
  • You can now assign hotkey to increase or decrease volume. Example: Win+Up and Win+Down keys. Therefore, any keyboard would be compatible.
- What's so special about 3RVX?
  • 3RVX features custom volume levelling, so you can assign each stroke to increase 5% of volume, or 10% etc. 3RVX has customizable skin, you don't get bored with the same OSD like those pre-installed in laptops.
  • Latest version of 3RVX fixes some issues with fullscreen application. You will not experience 'stuck' volume like those in laptops' OSD. (i.e. pressing decrease volume once in full-screen apps will decrease volume all the way down.)
  • 3RVX can be placed anywhere in the desktop, you can map your desired OSD position.
  • 3RVX allows you to set the duration of OSD, including fade speed.
  • 3RVX works with various devices. (Tested : Griffin AirClick USB, A4Tech X6-55D, Microsoft Wireless Desktop 4000, laptop volume wheel & hotkey)
Bottomline : 3RVX is a light and beautiful OSD tool to let you see what's the current volume level, just like your Television. It is compatible with many computers, remotes, and keyboards, yet is free-of-charge.

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