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Guys, any recommendation for this system?


Mitsubishi Electric > MXY-3A28VA / MSXY-GA13VA / MSXY-GD18VA


Mitsubishi Electric > MUX-3BD23VB / 3 X MS-B10VB

Anyone using is it good? My usage is like, 10 to 15 hours per day during sleeping time...

Sometimes afternoon will on about 2-3 hours....

So getting inverter is it good?

I heard the parts of the inverter to repair is sightly more expensive than non-inverter unit right?

B4 finalising your Aircon deal (sys 2 or 3) , should get a patience SM to calculate the estimated price of the electricity bill (if you know how to calculate the price of electricity then diy)... like to on it for a period of 8hrs per day on a 30 days........ compare it with a few other brands like Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, LG, MHI... make sure they are having similar BTU for the comp.... and similar FCU too... then you can better decide... at first... i was also all out for ME, despite of the Xpensive $$.........

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