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hi allesgute

MHI is great, no regrets! It have the self-cleaning dryer feature and the left/right air flap control which are what i wanted. ME dun have these two features and daikin only have the dryer feature. I choose MHI is becos it's the 2nd most energy saving among the 3 brands.

When i was doing my research, i consider that mechanical features was more important than those filters features as i could buy a seperate air purifier, but flap control and dryer feature can't be bought seperately.

I did a energy comparision for toshiba single split. Full load energy cost $ 470(ACV model), $458(AV-E)

Daikin $404, MHI $392, ME $331

Hi vsml

How is ur MHI aircon, i am thinking to get this also. But this brand is less known to public as compared to ME and Daikin.

Another option for me is Toshiba sys3 inverter, anybody can feedback on this aircon brand?
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