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hi, i'm thinking of getting wireless keyboard and mouse combo for my netbook MSI U100+
very budget option but need to be usable for basic net surfing - no games etc.
and netbook only got USB port, no PS/2

got so many models, i'm getting confused liao. what's the lowest price one now for logitech combo and whether it's reasonably usable? (small size is ok)
or any competing brand?


I don't know your budget but here is my suggestion.

Go for 2 products:

1. Logitech N110 Notebook Riser - SGD$39.00
2. Logitech Wireless Desktop MK250 - SGD$49.00

The N110 Notebook Riser lifts your netbook to a comfortable eye-level (height can be adjusted). This prevents back strain if you tend to hunch (and most people do !) while you surf the net.

The MK250 is the affordable entry level Wireless keyboard/mouse (USB only) and offers 2.4 GHz wireless technology that allows you to use the desktop from up to 10 meters!
As well as 3 years warranty.

I hope the above recommendation helps!
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