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Just got my idtv works. Perfect!

Here are the things you need to get dvb-t with HD5:
1. a iDTV with build in DVB-T tuner, ex my samsung series 4 plasma with dvb-t, or sharp D series LCD, or an external Draco box.

2. you need a simple digital antenna. It is only a stick of few inches long. The SCV cable point and HDB rooftop antenna may not work.

3. you need to face the antenna to the direction of Bukit Batok. Try to move it around, out of the window, to get good signal. You should be able to get TVMobil in most direction. HD5 required best/strong signal.

4. If you still can not get it, most like your area is not covered. Please wait till 2012 when Mediacorp fully launch digital broadcast for all channel, all area. Or, you can move your house to where there is digital signal. BTW, I stay in Bukit Panjang, you are always welcome.

5. You need to have a A/B switch to switch between analog (SCV point or rooftop) and digital antenna, as the channel U and Okto have no digital yet. The antenna mixer does not work here.

You will know your money well spend only when you get HD5 on your LCD or Plasma. Even the digital 5,8 & CNA are sharper than analog SCV point.

Why can't starhub send down the DVB-T signal on their SCV Point? I can't receive any digital signal at my place which is at the north, I'm staying at mid-level floor. It's very terrible that I brought a Digital Tuner and cannot received any Digital Channel at All.

What's MDA and HDB doing? We're Paying TV Licenese fees and we're restricted by Starhub on what we can received. I would rather have a good working Roof Top Antenna on my HDB root top so that I can received Digital TV.
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