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it's all stated on page one and the answer is no.
I think the warranty stated on the machines i brought back is 3 years warranty but think only valid for countries that has magimix only.
I've no exact idea if it's really not honored as i know it's serviced in Australia as well.
But put as no warranty.
The machines that we used to carry out has warranty, but nobody has any broken for almost 2 yrs.
So it's decided that we forgo the warranty and open our choices to all the choices we have in Europe.
Besides nicer, it's cheaper.

The citiz that are MO are the black and white.
There's reviews that the red and grey ones' handle will scrape off the black coating after wear and tear.
They are not available here, and they are far more nicer in the real thing if you've seen them all side by side.
BTW the CITIZ look diff also, the one in the shop is flat, whereas the one MO is a tap kind which look nicer
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