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exxondus, on sg-roc as well?

anyway if you're worried about warranty get the le cube ti, or essensa. i bought the le cube ti from this m.o. and it came with the local plug (and appropriate 'S' Mark stickers). I believe that it means the set is approved for use in Sg? I managed to register the machine's serial no. on the nespresso website as well (for warranty purposes or records, i'm not sure).

when i opened my aeroccino, i saw a receipt or delivery note to Takashimaya, so i'm not surprised if my set from bought with taka vouchers or something. but at least i have a good feeling that its a local set with some form of warranty.

just sell a watch hahaha can get a good espresso machine... well thats what i did.
Ya also same nick on sgroc. Aiming some taka vouchers nw. Got a few peeps selling so see which one can close the deal.

Hmm if get i would get citiz with milk cos i prefer to drink with guni
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