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Bro Unwanted,

Enjoy your trip overseas. Though hope you find good espresso every morning in the country you're in, hehe.

Thanks for the work you did and well connections. haha, had a chat with your courier guy also. Nice guy with his Ipod plugged in while making the delivery. Got the Citiz Ivory White (It's really Ivory white not pure white), Aero, Discovery box with assorted capsules and such. Thanks! Those glasses 60ml/100ml looks awesome. Wife loves it!

Some questions:

1. Is it normal the loudness of the "whirring" sound, as we feel it is a little louder than the red Citiz ones in Nespresso Taka?

2. The cups actually vibrates and "floats" off pace a little during the lungo / espresso process, this happens normally or.. ?

3. I learned that the 100ml cups fit a nice espresso and such, hence lungo or cappu and latte's needs 150ml and above cups. As I'm 'still' a first time buyer (hehe), can I just get 2 cups of 150 or 290ml cups offer? What do you recommend for Latte / cappucino's ? spoilt for choice...

4. I know you got the Singatoba's in already, you still got them in stock? If yes, and I make other capsule supply order, can I get the delivery done by which time frame?

Hear from you soon.
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