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Hi Unwanted,

I take note about this. It was giving my wife a concern because I had to move the cup back into the center by ~1.5cm like this, fortunately the vibration wasn't bad enough to drop the cup off the top tray (close to the nozzle). Also, yes, I thought about it and the machine we placed was near the corner wall of our tiled kitchen so this is valid statement.

Now, the machine is really sleek looking and small in size, we are looking to create a specific pedestal or spot in another corner of the house to make it "shine" at a corner on its own. placing in the kitchen is something temporary as afraid that when we cook will stain it with oil droplets, etc.

Do you have some tips about this or some pictures about ideas (some reference or website would be greatly appreciated) on placing the Citiz or machine well within the confines of our humble HDB unit?

Thanks for your quick replies via email. Really wonder how you can juggle your time with such intense coffee activities. LOL.

I'm thinking about the 290ml (or was it 300ml) cups because it seems can fit a normal latte / cappu or just iced latte or cappus... what do you think?

Will need to order more supplies to last for next few months. We love the 4 other cups we ordered the last time. nice French style with 2 other Japan sleek ones (110ml).

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