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below is my plan for my 5d4n taipei trip
pls advice is it the plan and timing workable..

5D Taipei F&E Tour last 5days of November

Day 1 Thursday (4 digit time in 24 Hrs)
1500 Arrival at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport,
1700 Spring resort (hotspring) at 北投 fix
1800 Dinner at 西门町- Modern toilet rstn
Shop at 西门町
2200 Go back spring resort enjoy hotspring

Day 2 Friday fix (timing unknown yet)
Taipei 101 - if got time go New York Shopping Centre
士林夜市 - If got time go Miramar Shopping Centre
Transfer to riverview hotel at 西门町

Day 3 Saturday
0900 忠孝新生站 鼎泰丰,冰馆
1100 忠孝东路4段, breeze centre
1400 五分舖
1700 饶河夜市

Day 4 Sunday
0900 淡水老街 (is it too late or too early)
1200 天母商圈
1600 台北捷运地下街, 台湾故事馆
1900 士林夜市

Day 5 Monday
last min shopping at西门町
Check in and board plane

Buy specs or contact lens at 文林路 specs street(near士林夜市)is it cheap?

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