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I have the same sentiment with chunlianghere on Daikin aircon, thats why I choose Daikin

Using sys-3 non-inverter for my bedrooms and sys-1 inverter for my living room.
Me too! R22 Daikin is still the best. My thinking is that whichever system running at higher pressure (r410a is 1.5 times higher than r22), it tends to leak more easily in joints if not installed properly so installers play a major role in the durability of the system.

If Daikin can give $200 ntuc voucher, then I don't mind re-consider this $500 different is a lot. For my case, I still need to pay $660 for cutting hole at false ceiling for piping...

Unless I dont change piping which I believe this is not recommended since it is already 10 years old piping.
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