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naxchua, now the weather is good must hurry walk around outdoors.

I returned last night.
Sunday and yesterday the weather was very bad, rained the whole day!

Sunday, we went taipei underground mall in noon then Danshui despite the rain. But is sianz de lo, a lot of food i wanna try but no hand liao cos got to hold umbrella (umbrella need to use two hands instead of one cos of the strong wind u dunno when will come). No hand to take pictures too, plus the camera cannot have any contact with water. We cancelled Shilin night market at night, sad again. Went taipei underground mall to shop again and lost the way while wanting to walk from Y-mall to K-mall. Now is start of autmun and winter approaching so summer clothes are all on sale.. from SGD5 to SGD 15! No need to go 5fenpu le. The shopping slightly brighten my mood.

Monday(yesterday). Morning we wake up rain until at night i board plane -_- Morning we go eat doujiang, then mrt to 101, but when we exit the station, the wind is strong and rain is heavy. While waiting to cross at the junction, we gave up. Walked back to the station and mrt-ed to XMD. Shop at XMD and check out. While shopping at XMD, it was still raining, the umbrella close and open, close n open, so troublesome! It was then i tot we should have buy a raincoat yesterday. Sigh. Too late la.

So overall, it was a bad but fruitful trip cos i bot stuffs back n even 3 boxes of bowl noodles. Btw for the 'yi du zhan' bowl noodles, nice one is the beef or kong rou? I wanted more of the beef but the staff told me singaporeans all buy kong rou. In the end i got both. Lol.

And just to mention a bit, jetstar air stewardess on the flight to taipei are pretty and on the way back air steward handsome! haha... And then on flight back there is this gentleman passenger helped me put my bags up in the cabin, how sweet! And I tot he will be sitting next to me but NO. Aiyerr....

It was not my 1st trip to tw but it was the 1st time i was mistaken as a local, pple asked me for directions. haha.. not one but two!
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