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i assumed your old piping was running R22? If you change to R410a, then you'll have no choice but to change your piping.

since you've oredi decided on R22 Daikin... you do have a choice of re-using the old pipes...
Yes, I can re-use my old piping BUT I believed my piping is leaking since I needed to top-up gas every year and many said that the leak will get worse as time come by. Furthermore, GC only discount like $150 for not laying new piping assuming I am using Daikin R22 inverter.

After serious consideration for whole 2 weeks, I decided to change piping. So if piping needs to change, then I have more choices. I can use either R22 or r410a. Then MHI is the cheapest running on r410a.

This is my case.
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