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Haaa....this is what the saleman said. i have not seemed the sale agreement yet so let see if he is just boosting....will pay deposit only when everything is stated in black and white properly.

All piping will be hiden inside the false ceiling so should be ok....bigger means better ? If they have 1", i also put...

you're the only 2nd fella i know who uses 3/4" insulator and even wanted 1" if they have it! The other person was me!

anyhow, just to let you know... 3/4" could be an over-kill, but i'm not regretting. Hee...

btw, if you're hiding the pipes inside false ceiling... then I would be kia-su also and use thicker insulator... just to reduce any little chance of sweating which may become very messy for your false ceiling!
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