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you're the only 2nd fella i know who uses 3/4" insulator and even wanted 1" if they have it! The other person was me!

anyhow, just to let you know... 3/4" could be an over-kill, but i'm not regretting. Hee...

btw, if you're hiding the pipes inside false ceiling... then I would be kia-su also and use thicker insulator... just to reduce any little chance of sweating which may become very messy for your false ceiling!
we same tune
Any hope everything go well on the installation on next Monday. I will update pros and cons of GC if any.

To be frank with you, I have no confident on them fixing back my false ceiling perfectly as original because they are not professional in this area....still worry now...

Should I just changed the air-con with the piping ?? should I ?

Then I will back Daikin R22 sys 3 inverter.

still worry exams in 2 weeks time so if the installation was screw-up, then nightmare leow.
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