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good luck, Steve!
hi all,

Just wish to update everyone here on my air con installation by Gain City on Monday and Tuesday. It ended today.


a) They did bring along G22 copper pipe, Armaflo 3/4" insulator as stated. Bro, these insulators are BIG.

b) Mine is sys 3 and they used 3 coils of new copper pipes for my system. They do not want to join copper pipe as this will leak (weak point) if not don't properly.
Some installers may join copper pipes to save cost to re-use left-over pipes from previous installation.

c) This team of installer (2 persons) is very helpful, thoughtful and willing to listen. Mine needs to cut false ceiing to lay pipes, and they are very accommdating to whatever you suggested, cut here or there so not to leave obvious marks etc. No 'show face'. Most importantly, they don't rush for time, bend the copper pipe properly and systematically and as the result why they took 2 days to complete the job

1st day to install pipes and air-cons so that I can test-run overnight to monitor for leak or sweating. The next day will be for sealing up the false ceiling and painting. Normally, 1 day is enough without false ceiling cutting.

I tried to ask for they names but they rather be addressed as team no. 2139. This team is highly recommended.

d) So far, MHI is good, very cold even on hot afternoon today. 26000BTU is strong enough even when I run 3 rooms together.

e) Fan-coils are indeed very quiet. I like the feature whereby beside tilting up-down, it also able to move left-right for the wind direction, so everyone in the room can feel the 'cool wind'.

f) It also have the auto-dry feature whereby after turn-off the air-con (compressor OFF), the fan is still running inside for 2hr, drying the coil to prevent moulds.

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