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Wow guys.... didn't know there is such a thorough discussion for airconditioning here...

Well I was searching the internet on my insulation till i found this.

The following are my setup bought from Best Tech during the recent Sitex 2009.

LG System 4(Inverter) for $3299.00
  • CU => A4UQ266FA0
  • BED ROOM BLOWER => 3 x AMNC09GD4L0 (9000 BTU)
  • LIVING ROOM BLOWER => 1 x AMNC18GD5L0 (18000 BTU)
  • K-Flex Class 0 Insulation (Not stated size of insulation)
  • 23' grade copper pipe
  • 16mm drain pipe
  • 2 time installation (F.O.C)
  • 36 mths workmanship warranty
  • $200 servicing voucher
  • $100 lighting voucher (can only use $50 for single item max.)

So how?? Good or not??

Abit too late to compare cos I sign liao... but still wanna find out somemore... cos u guys seems like experts

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