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hi all,

Here the pictures.

[IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\tim\My Documents\My Pictures\coil.jpeg[/IMG]
[IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\tim\My Documents\My Pictures\roll.jpeg[/IMG]
[IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\tim\My Documents\My Pictures\insulator.jpeg[/IMG]
[IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\tim\My Documents\My Pictures\insulator2.jpeg[/IMG]

Points to know after bending various Gauses of copper pipe (nothing to do so do hand bending test on G22, G23 and G24 copper pipes all having same diameter.
Tell you something, between each Gause, it a big step jump on the strength. G22 is the best, difficult to bend by hand too. Get G22 for sure if can.

Insulator wise, I used 3/4" Armouflo....very "big stick"....i think 1/2" will do for most..

Always ask for new complete set of copper coils for used on each fan coil to compressor piping, NEVER join copper pipe. Weak point which will lead to leakage at the joint.

wa..u very cute leh. how can we cannot access your com's pics.. u hav to upload!!!
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