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there another thread saying alishan is open now ..
so how do we get there other then the fri sat bus overnight travelling to alishan ?
am i able to go there whenever i wan provider there is transport?
u can go chaiyi by railway..HSR not adviseable cos too far,got to do transfer again
chaiyi county govt got prepare free shuttle bus(should b mini bus),to take tourist up the fenchihu(mid pt of alishan)
for those who wish to go up,i belief there r mani "pte taxi" waiting to bring u up...
as for the cost..i not sure..
these "pte taxi" usually mini bus or 7seater car are usually operators from alishan/fenchihu hotels or minsu ard alishan area....
i belief,during the time u engage wif them,they will oso promote hotel rooms (to earn com la)
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