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i took a look at the hotel over there cost 5500ntw per nite which is quite expensive to me is there anyother cheaper method? like stay over at chaiyi or is kenting near by?
haha.....alishan market price is like tat wan.....
i was thinking...reach chaiyi liao den ask ard ...see if got cheaper price(cos due to the 88typhoon,alsiahn tourism was badly hit)
currently they r trying to get back the tourists n promote the place again
i oso planning to bring my frds there...oso constraining abt the cost

as for kenting...u can dun dream liao,it at the far far end of south tw,near hengchun area..just the journey from kaohsiung to hengchun is oready 2.5hr liao
unless u realli want to haf a look at hengchun/kenting or a great fan of cape no7..if not veri waste to spend so much hr goin there

btw,i return to hengchun oso(but not this trip),it next yr mar trip
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