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Hey folks, currently sitting in the Rainbow Hotel business centre... waiting for my airport shuttle to arrive... yup... 5 days of Taipei over..!

Weather update to those who are coming soon... it has been raining for the past 2-3 days... sometimes heavy drizzle... sometimes light... so light that 50% of the people walking without umbrella.

Hah.. was planning to do some last minute shopping coz the flight is only at 6pm... but me an wife were too wasted already... went to cheong "18" yesterday (with another couple we met on the 1/2 day tour)... and only came back at 4am! its a nightspot owned by Tuo Zong Kang... at the Warner Vieshow area... near Taipei 101. Cover charge is NT700 on a Friday night with 2 drinks. Beer is NT200, Long Island NT350... Music was nothing to shout about... but... the Taiwanese gals are hot hot hot...!! Lots of model looking gals.. Wifey was saying the bartenders were cute... but me no comment. . Oh... we even bumped into Tou Zong Kang himself... and got him to take a photo with us.!

Just to update on the hotpot... the one with the free flow Haagen Daz (also got Meiji Icecream) is Le Ye... right in the same building as Rainbow Hotel at XMT. Costs about SGD20 on a weekday dinner. Got about 6 flavours for HD and 8-10 flavours for Meiji... frankly.. largest and best icre cream spread we have come across in buffets.

Yup... logging off soon.. will share some details or pictures which people still planning their trips... think we have practically covered every inch of shopping area in Taipei within 5 days!
ooh.. so d hotpot buffet wif free flow haagen daz is not Fei Tian Mala Hotpot?
if dat's d case, luckily i'll b staying in Rainbow! hehe..

so from Rainbow hotel, if my flight is oso 6pm (same as u), den how do i get to d airport? Do i need to book d Free-go/Kuo Kuang bus? if so, do i need to book in advance or on d day itself? got anywhere in Rainbow to put luggage for d time being while we go XMD walk walk when waiting for d bus?
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