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Hmm... not completely sure if Fei Tian's ice cream is Haagen Daz... we saw the outlet.. went in to recce the spread... but it sure doesnt seem like Haagen Daz to us. Le Ye's buffet is ala carte for the steamboat items... there's a 2hr time limit and each item is only restricted to max 3 times... imo... more than enough time and food... coz most wun be gorging themselves silly since there are more street food to try... and service is good... oh.. forgot to mention that it is steamboat cum barbeque... the kind with the wire mesh/charcoal type... and they change the mesh regularly for you without even having to request for it... Overall... quite value for money if you ask me.

Not sure about the bus part... coz my f&e includes airport transfer... so got mini van to pick us...

Oh... Rainbow is surely the smallest hotel we have ever stayed in... but service is quite good (but having said that... the good service is probably not hotel specific... coz the sales staff @ the shopping centres we have encountered were also very nice people). No proper room for the luggage... they would just tie and mark down your stuff and it would be sitting in the lobby... (which is probably only about the size of a 5rm flat hall area). Hmm... also the first time we encountered hotels which we are required to deposit the key at the recep whenever we leave... IMO... a little unsafe... coz anyone can just request for the key to your unit when you're not around.

ooh.. so d hotpot buffet wif free flow haagen daz is not Fei Tian Mala Hotpot?
if dat's d case, luckily i'll b staying in Rainbow! hehe..

so from Rainbow hotel, if my flight is oso 6pm (same as u), den how do i get to d airport? Do i need to book d Free-go/Kuo Kuang bus? if so, do i need to book in advance or on d day itself? got anywhere in Rainbow to put luggage for d time being while we go XMD walk walk when waiting for d bus?
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