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Hi,I m planing to get a Full HD LCD TV this coming COMEX. I have decided the brands of my TV and all I m waiting is the price. Yesterday while I was surfing net,suddently I saw wat build DVB tuner.

All I know about DVB is its a digital turner that allow the TV to receive digital signals. Am I right? With DVB can watch HD5, no DVB then cannot right? Then how about those TVs without built in DVB(No HD5 for them?!)? How much does the turner cost?

Comex already over leh. Next one starting at 26 Nov (next month) is Sitex.

Ext DVB tuner box is about $300 to $399?

SInce you are buying a new LCD TV, just get one with built in DVB tuner.

The Sonys and Samungs have them now.
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