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So what prices would I be looking at? And are there any shops that you would recommend?
I can't put URLs here but do a search for Himalayan Imports... Those are true forged Khukris but they don't come cheap, the smallest (Sirupatis) start at USD85 before shipping. The Ang Kholas are the real deal and its USD100 and above. Blade is spring steel, it will rust so you have to keep it oiled. If you want a Khukri styled blade Cold Steel produces at least 2 models. I don't really recommend Khukris as a camp knife. Whether you're in Australia or Singapore you can be better served with a 12incher or less fixed blade for camping. The Khukris are stylised choppers and nothing more. If you are jungle bashing you'll realise the thich blade do not work for clearing brush and undergrowth. Some will disagree with me but that's my opinion and yes I have handled one before... A parang or golok (shorter) is more effective. Sometimes it's better to get a proper tool but I can understand why. It is a very attractive looking blade.
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