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Hmm... not completely sure if Fei Tian's ice cream is Haagen Daz... we saw the outlet.. went in to recce the spread... but it sure doesnt seem like Haagen Daz to us. Le Ye's buffet is ala carte for the steamboat items... there's a 2hr time limit and each item is only restricted to max 3 times... imo... more than enough time and food....
just got back fm tpe..covered a lot of places in 5day/4nite.. walk till legs gave way..
Anyway, in XMD there is 2 FEI TIAN.. 1 near East dragon( not serving HD icecream.. but think got MJ icecream.. no cakes... cheaper by ard 100NT) the other FEITIAN near TS hotel with cakes and HD icecream)
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