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wonder any of u using Daikin FT25DVM fcu hav problem of the airflow not regular? after switch on for some time?

wat i mean is the airflow will sort of blowing slow, than fast, than slow.. something like the airflow is being obstructed by something.

after than when i look at the coil, it contains alot of water droplets.. i tink tat causes the irregular airflow.

but when i check the other room fcu(master bedroom), it does not contain any water droplets at the coil.

both room is at 25 degrees, 2 bar fan speed. Master bedroom gas pipe is connected to 9.5mm hole. but the other bedroom which hav airflow problem is connected to 15.9mm gas pipe hole(but there is a additional nut to make it to 9.5mm). does this causes the problem?

or shld be thermistor faulty?

i also hearing "ting" sound when i was in bed. quite loud. i suppose tat was to indicate the temperature is reached. but in MBR, my parent did not hear any of tat sound.

terumo, any idea? thanks..
hm... i can only comment on the water droplets... are they on the heat-exchanger fins? Coz during operation, the fins get really cold and when water condenses on them. But i guess you must oredi know this.

unless you set your fan spd at AUTO, i dun see why it should blow fast & slow. I kinda think this FCU may be faulty.

Hm... so this FCU (pipe size 9.52mm) is connected to a 15.9mm pipe? Did i get it right?
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