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hm... i can only comment on the water droplets... are they on the heat-exchanger fins? Coz during operation, the fins get really cold and when water condenses on them. But i guess you must oredi know this.

unless you set your fan spd at AUTO, i dun see why it should blow fast & slow. I kinda think this FCU may be faulty.

Hm... so this FCU (pipe size 9.52mm) is connected to a 15.9mm pipe? Did i get it right?
ya...i already knw this. but i was wondering y does the airflow wil suddenly big, than normal.. than awhile later the airflow wil big n go back to normal again.

this happens only when switch on after sometime. n the coil doesnt hav tat many water droplets tat wil causes the airflow to be block.

the fcu gas pipe is 9.5mm.. only at the condenser unit, than is connected to 15.9mm hole. but there is a additional nut tat is fit 9.5mm to this 15.9mm hole.

the MA56EV1 gas hav 1x12.7mm, 1x9.5mm, 2x15.9mm.
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