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For the Samsung thermistor, have to check to see if really thermistor faulty. Cost below $100 plus labour shld be able to get it done.

For Daikin fcu,
Fan mode, no condensation on cooling coil, so no sound.

Just do a general service, the noise shld be gone. Not a fault with the fancoil.
For the different nut size, it's ok as this condensor unit allows to connect to 4 units of different btu. Thats why it's so popular for HDB owners.
ok..thanks. so u confirm is not fcu fault but is inside is dirty? from my point of view, i tink tat the fcu is not faulty..neither it is also related to different nut size connector. but its jus weird though... jus used for 6mths..

btw on the self-diagnosis when press on timer cancel button for 5secs, if there is a fault on the fcu or the whole system, it will really alert by having a long beep?? provided the fault code is correct on the remote control?

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