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I believe after you cleam the fan rotor with a brush, the sound is gone?
yup..i cleaned the fan rotor. it was alot of dust stick on it.

the problem i had is when the compressor is running(means airflow from fcu is cold), the airflow will sort of blowing big..than go back to normal..than airflow big again. so it was sort of airflow being interupted. no problem when it in fan mode.

n also the rite side hav only little airflow coming out. this was also happening when compressor is running. so means tat condensation take place in the coil, so alot of water droplets sort of blocking the smooth flow of air.

yeah, i cleaned both MBR n the fcu which had problem. i jus use wet cloth n a screwdriver to dig the dust out.

so now no more problem of the weird airflow.

btw was the fan rotor very difficult to take out? i already remove tat screw tat tighten to the shaft. in the end i giv up. the shaft only move a little.
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