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1. Has anyone stayed in Love Boutique Motel before and can it accomodate around 4 people? Will they check?

They will definitely check .Just be straight with them and ask them how much for 4 persons. Ask someone else to send the email.

2. How long does it take to get to sun moon lake from Taichung? Is it far? Or would it be nearer to go from Hualien instead?

Dont know how long to SML but it is closer to Taichung not Hualien which is on the East coast.

3. Has anyone heard of the Hello Kitty Hotel is HsinChu before? I can't seem to find any website or address online but I've seen pics. (not the Kaohsiung Grand-Hi La hotel). I really want to visit the place!

4. Lastly, will shops be only selling winter clothings in Jan? I'll like to do quite abit of shopping!

Jan-So sorry-Only heavy stuff for winter
MIT-Made in Taiwan not PRC
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