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Need your advice urgently.
Natural Cool has replaced to Daikin MA56EV16 and FT50FVM (non-inverter) from previous inverter series in my living/dining area and the results have been disappointing.
Though i set it at the min 18 degree but it wasn't cold. Natural Cool salesman Tommy claimed that it's not their problem if air was not cold, i have to contact Daikin directly.
Daikin servicemen came 3 times - 1st group said it's like that (not super cold) because it's non inverter and top up the gas. 2nd group came and changed the "?board" but no cold air after 1 week and same group came for 3rd time - said that the gas may have leak so top up gas again and the valve cover. Now it's blowing cold air but it's not super cold even though it is set at 18 degrees. The coldness is like 25 degrees.
Have anyone has this problem? Why is aircon behaving this way?
Who is responsible for this? Natural Cool or Daikin?
I am trying to resolve this before my warranty expires in Dec.
Paid $1.9k and super disappointed with the product.
Wanted to buy Panasonic but Natural Cool claimed the piping size is different so must stick back to Daikin.
u mean the air coming out directly from the fcu is not cold? or the whole living room not cold?
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