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I took a cab from Kaohsiung to Kenting. The driver was very friendly and knowledgeable and charged us only NT300 per pax (2 of us). Journey took 1+ hr. A Kuo Kwang bus one-way journey already cost more than NT300 and will take more than 2 hrs, so the ride was definitely worth it. The driver was so good that we booked him for the return trip the very night, at the same rate. Even when he had to go to Kenting with an empty car that night (cos he couldn't find passengers from Kaohsiung to Kenting), he didn't ask us for more money.

His contact details for those who are interested:

Mr Zhang Rui De
Mobile: +886 0932856423

As he knows some minsu operators there, he claimed that he can get us preferential rates. We didn't try cos did not stay at Kenting for the night. He did however got us some discounts for go-karting.

Thanks man, will try to arrange with this guy for my trip to Kenting.... one problem solved, many more to go, kekeke
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