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Can't take pics as i am currently out of town.
Already called Daikin - they will send an engineer together with the serviceman to have a look at the aircon next week.
I cannot accept excuses like "it's non inverter so it's not as cold" or "it's lower horsepower so not so cold".... i understand some countries don't like inverter and they stick to conventional aircon units and they all work very well.
Daikin serviceman keeps telling me inverter is colder and better etc... is it true?
not really true also. mayb i knw y they said inverter is colder, becos it runs higher BTU ma. but than non-inverter also can run colder too. as long as the BTU required by the fcu is sufficient, no problem one.

but u can tell them inverter more exp. when components spoil, repair fee exp also. unless u wan to ask them to charge cheaper or non-inverter price lor.

there is another way to confirm tat the air coming out is not cold. which is to place a thermometer where the air come out. place inside the louver there. if it is around around or lower than 13 degrees, than it is alrite. but if it is higher, than there will be some problem.
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