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Oh really?! Even i set control at 18 or 25 degrees, the thermometer will show around 13 degree?
Will inform my sis who will be there for the appt. What else to watch out?
watever temperature u set on the remote control, the cold air coming out will still be the same.

there will only be different when 9,000BTU(1Hp) is changed to 12,000BTU(1.5Hp), or 18,000BTU(2Hp). as more liquid/gas will be circulating around in the fcu, and an increased airflow.

the above will be for non-inverter.

but for inverter, it will be different. for startup, it will be the same as non-inverter. when it is near to temperature u set on remote control, than the compressor/big fan will go slower. thus the airflow temperature coming out from the luvour will increased, in order to maintain the temperature.
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