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My previous fancoil is an inverter but cannot remember what model.
Can the slightly smaller pipe size affect the performance significantly?
Anyone know the market price to redo the pipe? Worth doing it?
Have 2 babies at home so hacking can be quite tedious thing to do now.
The salesman from Natural Cool didn't tell me about the incorrect pipe size matter to performance. will affect the performance alot.

as the liquid going to the FCU will be slower due to the smaller diameter of gas return.. it can also means lesser colder provided to the FCU.

doesnt mean the saleman working at the aircon shop will know everything on aircon. n i tink he also didnt bother to ask about your old aircon n piping.. mayb he jus wan the money earned. tats all.

anyway, dont tink there wil be any hacking as the existing trucking/hole can be reused.
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